Tips For Handling The Immigration Interview

1 August 2016
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When you're trying to secure immigration papers to extend your legal stay in the United States, you may be asked to participate in an interview with a representative from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department. While the idea of this interview may be intimidating, the process is pretty straightforward. Here are a few tips to help you make the process as successful as possible.

Arrive prepared. Have copies of all of the forms that are required as well as the originals. Make sure that you understand those forms so that you can answer questions about them easily and without extensive referencing back to the paperwork.

Expect personal questions. This is especially true if the immigration status you're seeking is related to a marriage to a U.S. citizen. The official will be looking for detailed personal information to ensure the validity of the relationship.

Bring people to help. For example, retaining the services of an immigration attorney may help you to ensure the legality of the process. He or she can guide you through the requirements and expectations. Also, an interpreter is permitted if you don't speak English or you speak minimal English.

Admit to what you don't know. Never try to fabricate an answer to a question if you don't know or aren't certain. It's far better to express your lack of knowledge or poor memory than it is for you to attempt an answer that ends up being inaccurate.

Take the process seriously. Be respectful and up-front with the interviewer, but don't try to use any kind of humor to diffuse the situation. Sarcasm and jokes can be misconstrued and may cost you your immigration status. Additionally, don't be argumentative, either with those accompanying you or the officer who is handling the questioning.

Be patient and honest. Sometimes, immigration interviews can be lengthy. In addition, it can be difficult to see the point to many of the questions if you don't understand the purpose behind them. Trust that your attorney will act in your best interest. He or she will be able to guide you and tell you if any questions are not permissible or if there are things that you shouldn't say. Otherwise, be patient, calm and straightforward in all of your communication, even if the process takes time.

Immigration interviews are a key part of some applications. If you've been notified of the hearing, consider these tips to help you be well-prepared. For more advice, talk with a local immigration attorney from a law office like Carmen DiAmore-Siah Attorney At Law today .