3 Ways Immigration Attorneys Can Help You Gain Residency

1 April 2021
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Attorneys are invaluable assets when it comes to immigrating to a new country. Not only can they help with the abundance of paperwork and bureaucracy along the way, but they can also present a prospective immigrant with a variety of visa options that apply to them. If you are thinking about moving to the United States, but aren't sure how an immigration lawyer can help you, keep reading to discover three of the most common ways.


Many immigrants first come to the United States on an employment visa. This is just one pathway to residency that immigration attorneys can assist with, and perhaps the most common. More specifically, they can help determine if you are eligible for particular visas that may not be widely advertised. These include employment visas for professors or researchers of outstanding ability, for example. If you can prove that you qualify for such a visa, your attorney can then assist you in communicating with an employer willing to sponsor such a visa and jumpstart the visa application process. Without an attorney representing your interests in such a case, it may be difficult to make headway.


Getting residency through a family member is an alternate pathway available to those who may not qualify for employment visas. In these circumstances, for example, a spouse may be eligible for a visa even if they are not employed. An attorney may not need to assist an L-1 visa holder (one who is transferred to a United States branch of their international company), but they are likely to be a very important resource to the spouse of an L-1, who would qualify for an L-2 visa. The same holds true for spouses of students enrolled in many academic programs as well.


If you are a prospective immigrant who does not have a company or family member able to sponsor a visa, it doesn't mean that all hope is lost. On the contrary, there are several so-called "investment" visas available to immigrants with significant means and a willingness to invest in the United States economy. An E-2 visa holder, for example, is one who plans to invest substantially in a business that is declared non-marginal, or more than what it takes to make a living. A lawyer who specializes in immigration law will be more than able to assist you in applying for investment visas that you qualify for. 

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