Hiring A Skillful Immigration Lawyer To Apply For And Get A Legal Visa

24 August 2021
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The process of getting a visa to come into and stay in the country can be lengthy and complex. You may not fully understand what is required of you if you were to handle your case on your own. You also may fail to provide the proper authorities with all of the documentation needed to prove your identity and ability to support yourself.

Instead of risk being turned down and forced to stay in your home country, you can better your chances of being approved and issued the visa that you want by hiring an attorney to represent you. An immigration lawyer can navigate the complex visa application and approval process for you and help you gain lawful residence in this country.

Submitting Waivers for Residency

Depending on your personal situation, you might be eligible for waivers that spare you from having to provide the substantial paperwork normally required for legal residency. For example, you might be fleeing persecution or abuse. You also might meet other humanitarian criteria that allow immigrants to get visas faster than other newcomers. 

When you have an immigration lawyer representing you, you can find out if you qualify for those waivers and then have your attorney submit them on your behalf. They may be able to convince the authorities to grant you a visa to get into the country and avoid having to be deported back to your home country.

Providing Proof of Skills

Your immigration lawyer can also help you prove to the authorities that you are a skilled worker and eligible for an HB1 visa. This type of visa comes with beneficial terms that allow you to work in a specialized capacity and, in some cases, stay for longer than newcomers on student or tourist visas. However, to acquire this type of visa, you must prove that you have the appropriate educational and professional training.

Your immigration lawyer can provide the authorities with proof like your university diploma and work record to show that you are capable of working as a surgeon, professor, engineer, or another specialized worker. They can help you acquire the HB1 visa that you need to come here and work and reside here legally.

An immigration lawyer can help people like you who want to come to the country legally. They can submit waivers and provide proof for an HB1 visa. For more information, contact a local lawyer, like Diaz Shafer P.A.